• Perfect depiction of an actual teacher - Disney movie - Inside Out showing the inside of a teacher's brain
  • Teachers:
  • teachers grading meme rock
  • teachers in may meme_zach galifinakis_don't you ever say that again to me
  • Teachers Getting Home From School Every Day in May
  • When-a-Student-Says-Something-Inappropriate-and-You-Cant-Stop-Yourself-From-Laughing-meme-nicholas-cage-laughing.gif
  • teacher OLYMPICS meme_events: speed-eating, 8-hour bladder control, parent-teacher fencing, problem high jumping, multitask & field, social life diving
  • I'm not a perfect teacher, I'm not a Pinterest teacher, or a super-organized teacher. I'm just a normal teacher trying to teach kids to be good humans.
  • Teacher Struggle - Kinda want to weat tacos, kinda want to buy school supplies, kinda annoyed that I have to choose between the two
  • what I thought teaching would be like vs what teaching is actually like_meme_image of robin williams on top of desk in dead poets society vs gif of spongebob squarepants multitasking
  • teacher memes_DOLLAR FOR INTERRUPTIONS_Bored Teachers
  • When You Touch Something Wet in Your Classroom
  • SUMMER SCHOOL teachers be like_meme_image of Tom Hanks on beach in Cast Away with HELP ME drawn in the sand
  • when you receive your class list and there are over 30 kids on it_meme_clip of Will Ferrel in Daddy's Home_shocked expression
  • who wants to be a MILLIONAIRE question_meme_Which of the following happens most during a day of teaching? A. Your lesson is interrupted B. Your name is called C. Students ask to go to the bathroom D. You whisper "WTF" to yourself_Kenan Thompson on SNL with wide eyes looking down at question
  • Teachers Getting Ready to Take On a New School Year
  • When You Look in the Mirror After a Long Day of Teaching - pheobe from Friends looking shocked
  • blue notebook with text - teacher TRUTHs: trying not to lose your shit before noon
  • funny Quote_I'm just a teacher standing in front of a classroom, trying to say something I can no longer remember because my students interrupted me too many times
  • PARENTING in 1980s vs. 2018_meme_old painting with comic bubbles
  • teacher humor_don't yell at yiour students. Lean in and whisper, it's much scarier
  • When You Realize Tomorrow Isn't Even Friday Yet - meme - will ferrel massage chairs drinking wine crying
  • Teachers Getting Home on Wednesdays in April_meme_Doug from The King of Queens collapsing
  • when a non-teacher makes any kind of comment about how it must be nice to be a teacher and be on vacation all summer long_meme_clip of girl with fire eyes incinerating a man with eyes_from TV show How I Met Your Mother
  • June, July, August - when parents finally realize that teachers were right about their kids all along
  • here's to all the unsung heroes we don't thank enough at school - meme - image of man raising glass to toast "you rock!"
  • How to Deal With Teacher Stress
  • teacher meme_gif Late Night with Seth Meyers_When that pile of ungraded papers becomes unreasonable_
  • getting students to line up_meme_dinosaur toy from Toy Story saying "OK kid, let's line up, single file_T rex from Jurassic park roaring "I said get in line! no touching!"
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