• Teachers Getting Home on Wednesdays in April_meme_Doug from The King of Queens collapsing
  • STARBUCKS coffee size for teachers_photo of giant coffee cup labelled Teacher Size
  • image of child dressed as superhero with quote - as a kid, I wanted to become a superhero, lawyer, actor, philosopher, comedian, philanthropist, entertainer, judge, and doctor. So I became a teacher.
  • If they put box tops on cases of beer and wine bottle labels, teachers would be like_meme_Gif of guy throwing business cards in the air making it rain_gif from Bud Light commercial
  • teaching: having 100 responsibilities thrown at you all at once, and everyone's screaming,
  • teacher meme_Game of Thrones dragon queen eyes closed_When the final bells rings at the end of the day on Friday afternoons
  • teacher meme_OVERTIME_Bored Teachers
  • teachers favorite FAIRY TALE_meme_Once upon a time, admin didn't add any more students to classes or change the schedules and curriculum, the end.
  • funny teacher stamp_dear parents, tomorrow my class is being observed, please keep your child home for the day
  • me after hibernating during the first few weeks of summer break_meme_clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm_I can't stand the sound of the human voice
  • I'm just a teacher, standing in front of a whiteboard, praying my markers are not all dried-up_teacher humor
  • TOMMY BOY teacher meme_teachers in september vs. teachers in may_photo comparison of chris farley in tommy boy
  • Teacher meme_WEEKEND PLANS_Bored Teachers
  • teacher meme_when a student raises their hand to answer an important questions... but then just asks to go to the bathroom_GIF of frustrated teacher removing glasses and exhaling
  • teachers leaving school on fridays_meme_two football players from Washington Redskins slapping high five while running down the field
  • blue notebook with text - teacher TRUTHs: trying not to lose your shit before noon
  • teacher OLYMPICS meme_events: speed-eating, 8-hour bladder control, parent-teacher fencing, problem high jumping, multitask & field, social life diving
  • teacher humor_non-teacher friend: Do you always bring this much work home? Me: No, someitmes I get it done during my lunch break. Friend: (looks horrified) Me: I'm kidding, I don't get lunch breaks.
  • image of leonardo dicaprio as Gatsby holding champagne_text - Here's to all the teacher: moms out there — you're the true superheroes of this world
  • You Know You're a Teacher If_meme
  • teachers grading meme rock
  • how much I care about my teaching wardrobe at the beginning of the year vs. now - photo of Shia LaBeuof in suit and then in casual clothes
  • teacher meme_When you're reading aloud in class and you look for students who aren't paying attention to call on next to read_GIF of Chandler from Friends flipping pages of book
  • teacher memes_DOLLAR FOR INTERRUPTIONS_Bored Teachers
  • how I feel trying to do DIY projects next to all these crafty teachers on Pinterest_meme_image of boy from The Simpsons_I glued my head to my shoulder
  • GIF image of amy schumer happy in bed_text: you know what's awesome about being a teacher on the 4th of July? Everyone has to work tomorrow except us!
  • when I'm in the middle of an important lesson and I hear someone using the pencil sharpener_meme_raptor looking from Jurassic Park
  • lazy teachers meme_Teachers on summer break: When you just took a shower and someone asks if you want to go out and do something_GIF of Titus Andromadon from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt netflix series saying
  • teacher memes_ADMIN SPEECH_Bored Teachers
  • My class when I tell them to stay seated while I step out in the hallway for 30 seconds_teacher meme_clip of 80s aerobic dance workout
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