• "I can't wait for summer break to catch up on all the things I never have time for". Me: Photos of pandas sleeping
  • When you drive past school during summer break, photo man in car smiling white flipping off
  • Teachers Getting Home on Wednesdays in April_meme_Doug from The King of Queens collapsing
  • teacher memes_CURRICULUM_Bored Teachers
  • teachers grading meme rock
  • teacher memes_STARBUCKS COFFEE SIZES_Bored Teachers
  • teacher meme_teacher friend BFF_Bored Teachers
  • GIF_Squilliam Fancyson from Spongebob Squarepants showing in money_if I got reimbursed for all the money I've spent on classroom supplies since I started teaching
  • WEEKEND PLANS of a teacher versus reality_meme
  • Teacher Meme_Summers Off_Bored Teachers
  • live footage of one of my students coming back to class after I let them go to the bathroom_meme_video of snail crawling slowly
  • teacher memes_DOLLAR FOR INTERRUPTIONS_Bored Teachers
  • Teacher meme_WEEKEND PLANS_Bored Teachers
  • who wants to be a MILLIONAIRE question_meme_Which of the following happens most during a day of teaching? A. Your lesson is interrupted B. Your name is called C. Students ask to go to the bathroom D. You whisper "WTF" to yourself_Kenan Thompson on SNL with wide eyes looking down at question
  • My class when I tell them to stay seated while I step out in the hallway for 30 seconds_teacher meme_clip of 80s aerobic dance workout
  • teacher humor_non-teacher friend: Do you always bring this much work home? Me: No, someitmes I get it done during my lunch break. Friend: (looks horrified) Me: I'm kidding, I don't get lunch breaks.
  • GIF image of amy schumer happy in bed_text: you know what's awesome about being a teacher on the 4th of July? Everyone has to work tomorrow except us!
  • teacher meme_gif Late Night with Seth Meyers_When that pile of ungraded papers becomes unreasonable_
  • Kindergarten teachers be like_teacher meme_woman from The Arrival dressed in hazmat suit holding mini whiteboard that says "Wash Your Hands!"
  • teacher memes_ADMIN SPEECH_Bored Teachers
  • teacher memes_WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE A A TEACHER_Bored Teachers
  • teacher meme_SUMMER SUNDAY_Bored Teachers
  • teacher meme_OVERTIME_Bored Teachers
  • this-could-be-us-but-were-just-teachers_meme_gifs-of-beyonce-in-pool-of-money-and-Al-Bundy-in-kiddy-pool
  • meme_title: If I were principal of the school..._photo of female saying: Everyone needs two naps per day
  • I'm not a perfect teacher, I'm not a Pinterest teacher, or a super-organized teacher. I'm just a normal teacher trying to teach kids to be good humans.
  • When you see your teacher BFF over summer break_clip of Joey from Friends hugging Chandler
  • You Know You're a Teacher If_meme
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