• SUMMER LUXURIES of a teacher_meme_1. Peeing whenever you want 2. Going out to lunch 3. Drinking coffee before it gets cold 4. Reading a book not written for children 5. Wearing comfortable clothes. 6. No bells, no fire drills, no alarm clocks 7. Silence... sweet silence
  • who wants to be a MILLIONAIRE question_meme_Which of the following happens most during a day of teaching? A. Your lesson is interrupted B. Your name is called C. Students ask to go to the bathroom D. You whisper "WTF" to yourself_Kenan Thompson on SNL with wide eyes looking down at question
  • live footage of one of my students coming back to class after I let them go to the bathroom_meme_video of snail crawling slowly
  • Raise your hand if you love your kids and are happy to have seen how much they've grown in your class, but you're ready for the school year to be over_meme_gif of man raising hand_survivor
  • teachers leaving school on fridays_meme_two football players from Washington Redskins slapping high five while running down the field
  • PARENTING in 1980s vs. 2018_meme_old painting with comic bubbles
  • Teachers:
  • don't compare yourself to other teachers, we're all losing our shit. Some of us just hide it better than others_teacher humor
  • teacher ins the summer_ what day is it? WHO CARES_meme_kevin hart saying who cares, man!
  • teacher meme_me when the final bell rings at the end of the day on on friday afternoons_GIF captain america beat up
  • teaching: having 100 responsibilities thrown at you all at once, and everyone's screaming,
  • My class when I tell them to stay seated while I step out in the hallway for 30 seconds_teacher meme_clip of 80s aerobic dance workout
  • what I thought teaching would be like vs what teaching is actually like_meme_image of robin williams on top of desk in dead poets society vs gif of spongebob squarepants multitasking
  • Teachers trying to figure out the best seating arrangement for the sake of everyone's safety and sanity_meme_image of man standing in front of chalkboard with complicated equations written
  • teacher meme_when a student raises their hand to answer an important questions... but then just asks to go to the bathroom_GIF of frustrated teacher removing glasses and exhaling
  • If they put box tops on cases of beer and wine bottle labels, teachers would be like_meme_Gif of guy throwing business cards in the air making it rain_gif from Bud Light commercial
  • SUMMER SCHOOL teachers be like_meme_image of Tom Hanks on beach in Cast Away with HELP ME drawn in the sand
  • teachers recharging over summer break meme_gif of 3 females being lazy from TV show Good Girls
  • students vs. teachers on the last day of school meme_gifs of people crying and hugging for students vs. gifs of soccer players and fans cheering and celebrating for teachers
  • When someone reminds you how many days of school are left before the summer_meme_image of Chris Farley in Tommy Boy with robot hand raising the middle finger
  • "Is this week ever going to end?" - teachers in the middle of Tuesday during the last week of school_teacher humor
  • teachers going out to lunch during summer break like_meme_GIF of 3 females taking shots
  • Me When they start summer PD with an ice breaker and ask for someone to help demonstrate
  • teacher meme_When you're reading aloud in class and you look for students who aren't paying attention to call on next to read_GIF of Chandler from Friends flipping pages of book
  • lazy teachers meme_Teachers on summer break: When you just took a shower and someone asks if you want to go out and do something_GIF of Titus Andromadon from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt netflix series saying
  • door knob sign teacher meme_Teacher enjoying not hearing my name called by 30 kids at the same time. KEEP OUT. Not interested unless it involves tacos or ice cream or pizza
  • when a non-teacher makes any kind of comment about how it must be nice to be a teacher and be on vacation all summer long_meme_clip of girl with fire eyes incinerating a man with eyes_from TV show How I Met Your Mother
  • teacher meme_when you see students in public places where you like to go on the weekends_image of tina fey and amy pehler in car saying "what the hell?"_image from movie Sisters
  • teacher life beginning of the day vs. end of the day_meme_images of elijah wood in Cooties as teacher vs. Lord of the Rings after throwing the ring into the lava
  • raise your hand if you coulld use an extra day during the weekend for grading, lesson planning, laundry, dishes, sleeping, etc._teacher meme_image of people raising their hands
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